Board of Directors Meeting - 17 August 2009

PRESENT: John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Gail Graham, Alysen Land, Deirdrie Lang, Doug Walter and Karen Zimbelman.
ABSENT: Steve Cooke
STAFF: Bella Waters

1. The meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m. (PDT) by Dan Gillotte
2. The agenda was approved
3. Minutes of the meeting of 10 June 2009:
M/S: John/Gail: approve the minutes. Approved unanimously.
4. Minutes of the meeting of 12 June 2009:
M/S: Deirdrie/Dan: approve the minutes. Approved with one abstaining.

Operations report. The board reviewed the operations report briefly. Specific items discussed:

  • Site statistics and usage: Bella noted that the correct time visitors are spending on the CGIN site from Facebook is 1.12 minutes, not 1:12 minutes.
  • Web content and services: There were some issues with board members responding to Ask Cooper surveys and we’re looking at what needs to be done to resolve those. Four members attended the August Ask Cooper training and left feeling comfortable creating and responding to surveys. KZ noted that further work on CGIN’s part to prepare for NCGA’s potential associate member option is not necessary at this point.
  • ’09 YTD financial statements: look great. Nice to see increasing cash. Interesting to note that the scholarship fund balanced out this year regarding the amount of money brought in vs. distributed. Scholarship funds are currently only used for membership fees, not listserve subscriptions.
  • Bylaw change: Board felt there wasn’t a need to hurry this change due to the small pool of potential members. Bella will contact the Plunkett Foundation to see what their current thinking is and the board will revisit the issue in October if necessary.

Board agreed that the proposed 2010 strategic priorities are appropriate. There’s interest in creating a seamless login process between CGIN, NCGA and CoopMetrics. Need to ensure the system allows contact persons to easily manage those with access to CGIN. Bella noted that Objective D in part three might be removed due to financial issues. Dan felt that he and others would pay a set yearly price for access to a interactive floor plan program. Bella is awaiting TriPark’s time and cost estimate and then will make the necessary changes to the workplan based on those.

Board agreed that the criteria will be: 1) General Manager, or person responsible to their co-op’s board for operations, plus one store manager from each store unit; 2) In a paid position with a food cooperative. Also, it was approved that NCGA’s Development Directors can participate in the listserve. Bella will revise the proposal and send to the board. The cost for 2009 will be comp’d. Board approves a listserve bundle discount (subscribe to 3 get one free).

2009-2010 meeting schedule was approved:

  • 19 October 2009
  • 14 December 2009
  • 15 March 2010
  • 17 May 2010
  • 9 June – in person planning session (at CCMA)
  • 10 June – annual meeting (at CCMA)
  • 11 June – board reorganization meeting (at CCMA)

Next meeting:
19 October at 10:00 am Pacific.

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